A Message from fr. dan


The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, 

  and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all! 

       March 27, 2020

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The above greeting is used to begin the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist. It weighs heavy on my heart that we are not able greet each other in person at the celebration of the Mass. Fr Augustine and I are celebrating private masses each day for the well being of our entire parish and for our larger community here on the White Mountains.

As you are now aware there are no public celebrations of the Mass or other liturgical or devotional gatherings due to the Corona Virus shut down. Nor are there to be any unnecessary gatherings or parish groups or business meetings. Our office remains open to answer phones and the basic needs of the parish and to assist the poor and needy. The Church remains open for private prayer and devotions. Please practice Social Distancing while in the Church. Instructions in this regard are posted on the doors of the Church. 

As things stand now we are not planning to have a public celebration of the Holy Week ceremonies nor for Easter Sunday. These will be done privately by the priests and deacons. This has been mandated by Bishop Wall for the entirety of the Diocese of Gallup. Mass can be viewed in many places on television and the internet. Links to the live stream from our Cathedral in Gallup is on our Parish web page www.stritashowlow.com. The diocesan web page is www.dioceseofgallup.org. During the period of shut down everyone has been dispensed by Bishop Wall from their obligation to attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation.

We are making arrangements to do video recordings of homilies and messages from the parish on “youtube.” When this is available it will be linked to the parish web page. Hopefully this will be within a week. Your Priests remain available for confession, the sick, etc.

Please continue to tithe and contribute to the Parish. This can be done by mail, at the office or online (check the parish web site). We still need to keep the lights on and attend to the material needs of the poor and the spiritual needs of the entire community.

St Sebastian was considered the healing Patron of Plagues during the Black Plague in the Middle Ages that devastated Europe (1/4-1/3rd of the people perished). Also, St Corona, has been rediscovered as a healing Patroness for plagues and pandemics. Both are martyrs of the 2nd cent.

“O blessed Sebastian and blessed Corona, intercede for us with the Lord Jesus Christ, that from plague or from pandemic disease we may be delivered by thy merits and prayers.”

Pray for us, Sts. Sebastian and Corona. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ!”

I entrust us all to the care and love of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Rita!

Father Dan Kassis

Pastor, St Rita Parish


La Gracia de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo, el Amor de Dios, 

y la Comunidad del Espíritu Santo este con todos ustedes! 

27 de marzo de 2020

Mis queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo,

El saludo del parrafo superior se utiliza para iniciar la celebración de la Santísima Eucaristía. Me pesa mucho en el corazón que no podemos saludarnos en persona en la celebración de la Misa. Padre Agustín y yo celebramos misas privadas todos los días por el bienestar de toda nuestra parroquia y por toda nuestra comunidad aquí en las Montañas Blancas.

Como ustedes estan conscientes, no hay celebraciones públicas de la Misa u otras reuniones litúrgicas o devocionales debido al Corona virus. Tampoco habrá reuniones innecesarias, grupos parroquiales o reuniones de negocios. Nuestra oficina permanece abierta para responder los teléfonos y las necesidades básicas de la parroquia y para ayudar a los pobres y necesitados. La Iglesia permanece abierta para la oración privada las devociones. Por favor practiquen el distanciamiento social mientras están en la Iglesia. Las instrucciones a este respecto estan colocadas en las puertas de la Iglesia. 

Tal como están las cosas ahora, no estamos planeando tener una celebración pública de las ceremonias de la Semana Santa ni para el Domingo de Pascua. Estas serán realizadas en privado por los sacerdotes y diáconos. Así lo ha encomendado el Obispo Wall para toda la Diócesis de Gallup. La misa se puede ver en muchos lugares en la televisión y en Internet. Enlaces a la transmisión en vivo desde nuestra Catedral en Gallup está en nuestra página web de la Parroquia www.stritashowlow.com. La página web diocesana es www.dioceseofgallup.org. Durante el período de cierre, todos han sido dispensados por el Obispo Wall de su obligación de asistir a la Misa Dominical y a los Días Santos de la Obligación.

Estamos haciendo arreglos para hacer grabaciones de video de homilías y mensajes de la parroquia en "youtube". Cuando esto esté disponible, se vinculará a la página web de la parroquia. Esperemos que esto sea dentro de una semana. Sus sacerdotes permanecen disponibles para la confesión, para los enfermos, etc.

Por favor, continúen ayudando contribuyendo a la Parroquia. Esto se puede hacer por correo, en la oficina o en línea (consulte el sitio web de la parroquia). Todavía necesitamos mantener las luces encendidas y atender las necesidades materiales de los pobres y las necesidades espirituales de toda la comunidad.

San Sebastián fue considerado el Patrón sanador de las plagas durante la peste negra en la Edad Media que devastó Europa (1/4-1/3 de las personas perecieron). Además, San Corona, ha sido redescubierta como una Patrona que cura plagas y pandemias. Ambos son mártires del segundo centavo.

"Oh bendito San Sebastián y bendita Santa Corona, intercede por nosotros con el Señor Jesucristo, para que de la peste o de la enfermedad pandémica podamos ser liberados por tus méritos y oraciones."

Oren por nosotros, San Sebastián y SantaCorona. ¡Para que seamos dignos de las promesas de Cristo!"

¡Los encomiendo a todos al cuidado y al amor de Cristo, a la Santísima Virgen María y a Santa Rita!

Father Dan Kassis

Pastor, St Rita Parish


Vital information for all parishioners - Current Directives from the Diocese of Gallup

After consultation and prayer, +Bishop James Wall hereby issues the following diocesan directives, effective immediately and indefinitely, pending further directions:

  1. The faithful of the Diocese of Gallup and those visiting are dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass and holy days of obligation.
  2. Churches and chapels may remain open for private prayer and exercises of devotion according to schedules set by pastors and parish administrators. The bishop encourages the faithful to intensify their prayers and pious practices. Protocols for social distancing must be observed, such as practices of maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet between persons or families. The limit of 10 persons within a confined space should be maintained.
  3. All public Masses are suspended until further notice, including Sunday, daily Masses and all Holy Week liturgies. Other liturgical services and public devotions are also canceled. This includes Confirmations.
  4. All priests of the diocese are expected to continue daily celebration of the Holy Mass in private with prayers for the comfort and protection of the faithful and their communities.
  5. All Catholic schools are will remain closed until public schools resume classes.
  6. All adult and children’s religion classes are suspended.
  7. Special upcoming events are either canceled or postponed, including:   
    • Priests’ Day of Sanctification (April 2, 2020):Bishop Wall will celebrate the Chrism Mass privately and the holy oils will be distributed to each parish.
    • The Diaconate Ordination scheduled for March 28th is postponed:This will be rescheduled when restrictions are lifted.
    • Deacons’ Day on March 28th is Cancelled.

  1. All diocesan and parish related events, meetings and gatherings are hereby suspended. This includes:
    • Routine meetings of organizations, apostolates, and study groups – suspended
    • Bingo and public meals: suspended
    • Other meetings: Only essential meetings for business purposes should be conducted. Social distancing and open meeting space is strongly recommended. No more than 10 persons.

  1. Celebration of marriage or Masses of Christian burial may be done in private, but with no more than 10 people in attendance.The diocese recommends scheduling a public memorial Mass and Rosary after the crisis has passed.
  2. The Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession will continue to be offered in the following way: The bishop exhorts all priests of the diocese to make available the Sacrament of Reconciliation as often and as liberally as possible.Confessional booths are not to be used until further notice. The ideal setting for the Sacrament of Reconciliation should be outdoors or in a large room, and one that doesn’t require the faithful to be closer than 6 feet to each other while waiting.Confessions may be heard anonymously or face to face. Bishop Wall exhorts the faithful to avail themselves to the Sacrament of Reconciliation on an ongoing basis.

Given the urgency of the coronavirus crisis, and in keeping with movement guidelines, these directives are mandatory, effect immediately. 

Please continue to support your parish as best as you can.  There is a link to do so online under the links section of this site, or you can mail your contributions to us.

Bishop Wall has dispensed all the faithful from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass and holy days of obligation until further notice.
The faithful are not dispensed from the Universal Church’s discipline of abstaining from meat on Fridays of Lent and fasting on Good Friday.  See the diocesan website for guidelines.  

Bishop Wall exhorts all Catholics to make a Spiritual Communion with the Lord Jesus through prayer and various spiritual exercises, such as reading Holy Scripture, fasting and stations of the cross in private. He encourages the faithful to pray the rosary every day, especially as families.

The Diocese of Gallup will live-stream the 11:00 AM Sunday Mass and other liturgies at dioceseofgallup.org.  

Parish office

 The Parish office will remain open and your priests and deacon will be available to you by telephone or in person.

Please check the following links for updates from the Diocese of Gallup, AZ, and the Federal Gov.

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Roman Catholic Church in Show Low, AZ

Roman Catholic Church in Show Low, AZ

Roman Catholic Church in Show Low, AZ

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Daily - 9:00 am Monday thru Friday

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Roman Catholic Church in Show Low, AZ

Roman Catholic Church in Show Low, AZ

Besides our weekday and weekend Masses, we offer regular faith formation through education and parish groups.


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Roman Catholic Church in Show Low, AZ

Other Activities

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